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Scottish Tablet Mini-Series Blog 5 - Homemade Tablet Mishaps

Scottish Tablet Mini-Series Blog 5 - Homemade Tablet Mishaps

Welcome to blog 5 of 6 in our Scottish Tablet mini-series. In this blog, we're discussing common Scottish Tablet mishaps known to happen when making your Homemade Tablet. 

A stack of cubed handmade Scottish Tablet

Scottish Tablet’s a hard thing to explain to someone who’s never had it. It’s kind of like toffee, but not as chewy, it’s kind of like fudge, but more grainy. It’s one of the sweeter Scottish delicacies, but when you get it right, it's great and when you get it wrong, it’s so frustrating! How can Scottish Tablet that only needs three ingredients go so wrong you might ask? Why doesn’t it set? Why does it turn out like toffee? In this blog, we answer these commonly asked question about Homemade Tablet. 

Why does my Scottish Tablet Recipe turn out like toffee? 

So you fancy making a Scottish Tablet dessert for your loved ones. You follow everything the Scottish Tablet Recipe tells you to, so why is your Scottish Tablet hard like toffee? 

Well, the main reason your Scottish Tablet has turned out like toffee is that the temperature was too high for too long. The higher the temperature, the harder the tablet will become! If your Homemade Tablet reaches a temperature of 149 degrees Celsius it will turn into a proper brittle toffee. That’s why we recommend purchasing a sugar thermometer so you know when to take your mixture off the heat, leaving you with the perfect Scottish Tablet. 

Why won’t my Scottish Tablet set? 

This is the complete opposite of the problem above. After following your Scottish Tablet recipe you think everything’s going smoothly, but then you pour your mixture too soon! Your tablet won’t set and you’re left with a sugary liquid. 

The main reason for this is because you’ve not brought your Scottish Tablet to a temperature that’s high enough when cooking it. The Scottish Tablet mixture needs to reach a very high temperature that will ensure it will set and be boiling for a lengthy amount of time which is usually 20 minutes.

White mixing bowl with a white whisk

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Scottish Tablet mishaps blog. Keep your eyes peeled for the final blog of our Scottish Tablet mini-series!

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