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Scottish Tablet Mini-Series Blog 4 - How To Avoid Making Burnt Scottish Tablet

Scottish Tablet Mini-Series Blog 4 - How To Avoid Making Burnt Scottish Tablet

Welcome to blog 4 of our Scottish Tablet mini-series. In this blog, we share the causes of burnt Homemade Scottish Tablet and tips to avoid burning your next batch. 

Scottish Tablet Mixture Poured Being Poured Out Into a Baking Tray With Parchment Paper.

Many people think that Homemade Tablet is fairly simple to make, however, Scottish Tablet takes time and patience to master. A lot of people get it wrong the first time even when they follow their Scottish Tablet recipe. Some people make Tablet that won’t set, others make Tablet that looks and tastes more like toffee. Running into Scottish Tablet problems when making Homemade Tablet is very common. This mini-blog will discuss burnt Scottish Tablet, why it happens, and how to avoid burning your next batch! 

Why does my Scottish Tablet burn in the pan? 

There are two main reasons for this. The first and probably most common reason is that your pan isn’t heavy enough. The pan you use for your Homemade Tablet needs to be large and have a heavy base. This is because your Scottish Tablet needs to reach a very high temperature when heating the mixture. Plus, the volume of your Scottish Tablet recipe will also triple as it comes to the boil, therefore you need to ensure you have a big enough and heavy enough pan! 

The second reason for your Scottish Tablet burning in the pan is because you need to stir your tablet more. If you don’t stir until the sugar in your mixture has dissolved, the sugar crystals will stick to the sides and bottom of the pan and burn. It takes time for your Scottish Tablet recipe ingredients to fully dissolve so make sure you continuously stir the mixture to avoid burnt Homemade Tablet.

 Scottish Tablet Cubes Wrapped in Parchment Paper.

Should I start from scratch if my Scottish Tablet is burnt? 

Unfortunately, burnt Scottish Tablet is one of the common Scottish Tablet problems that we do not have a remedy for. Once your tablet is burnt, our best advice is to start from scratch. Follow our directions above to ensure your pan is heavy enough, and continually mix your Homemade Tablet to reduce the chances of it burning again. 

Many people think when making Scottish Tablet all you have to do is pop your ingredients into a pan, boil them together and then pour the mixture out into a tray so it can be left to set. However, it’s not that simple. Scottish Tablet takes patience and time to master. Perhaps restarting the process is an opportunity to master your Homemade Tablet! 

Don’t fancy trying your Scottish Tablet Recipe again? 

Just pick up some Award Winning Scottish Tablet from us and claim it as your own. We won’t tell if you won't! 

Award Winning Scottish Tablet Surrounded By Butter and Sugar.

We hope you enjoyed the fourth blog in our Scottish Tablet mini-series. Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you! 

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