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Autumn Fudge Blog Series - Blog 5 - After 8 Fudge

Autumn Fudge Blog Series - Blog 5 - After 8 Fudge

Welcome to the fifth blog in our Autumn Fudge Blog Series. In this blog, we’re sharing some interesting facts about peppermint which is one of the main ingredients in our fifth Autumn Fudge Flavour - After 8 Fudge! 

During the colder months, we have a tendency to indulge more and after dinner, many people choose a peppermint flavoured treat. This is because peppermint is known to help with digestion and when this herb is combined with chocolate, it creates the perfect combo! 

Facts about Peppermint 

  • The Ancient Greeks believed that mint could cure hiccups 
  • America produces 70% of the whole world's peppermint supply
  • The name peppermint comes from the species name Piperita meaning “peppery”

Ochil Fudge Pantry's After 8 Fudge 

Whilst peppermint has multiple benefits, such as helping digestion, we like to mix peppermint with our delicious chocolate Fudge to create our After 8 Fudge! Cosy up on the couch with a bar of our rich intense Handmade Chocolate Fudge created using Callebaut's Finest Belgian Chocolate (sustainably grown and cultivated) balanced perfectly with the addition of mint oil to create this classic favourite.

Our Chocolate Handmade Fudge is made using local produce and the finest natural ingredients. So you’re left with an unforgettable indulgent experience, we use our plain Butter Fudge recipe and add a high quality rich cocoa powder for the entire cooking process, the taste and texture are so good that you will find it difficult to only have one piece at a time! The balance of mint with the chocolate creates this perfect autumnal combo.

Shop this delicious Autumn Fudge here! 


Handmade Chocolate After 8 Fudge surrounded by mint leaves


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