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Autumn Fudge Blog Series - Blog 4 - Ginger Fudge

Autumn Fudge Blog Series - Blog 4 - Ginger Fudge

Welcome to the fourth blog in our Autumn Fudge Blog Series. In this blog, we’re sharing some fun facts about our fourth Autumn Fudge Flavour - Ginger Fudge! 

The Ochil Fudge Pantry Handmade Ginger Fudge surrounded by Stem Ginger and ginger

Fun facts about Ginger

  • Ginger is a rhizome and not a root. A rhizome is an underground stem.

  • A ginger plant can grow up to four feet tall! 

  • In the thirteenth and fourteenth century, a pound of ginger was equivalent to the cost of a sheep!

  • Queen Elizabeth I of England has been given the accreditation of inventing the gingerbread man.

Ginger is great for the colder months because it helps relieve congestion. Ginger has antiviral actions including preventing viruses from attaching to cell walls and keeping you away from infections. 

Ochil Fudge Pantry's Handmade Ginger Fudge 

We can’t guarantee our Ginger Fudge will help relieve your congestion, but we can guarantee that our combination of stem Ginger and spice will be a beautiful warm tasting treat. That’s why our Ginger Fudge was awarded a gold star in the 2012 Great Taste Awards!

Our Handmade Ginger Fudge is made using local produce and the finest natural ingredients. So you’re left with an unforgettable indulgent experience, the taste and texture are so good that you will find it difficult to only have one piece at a time…...and watch out for the real ginger pieces, they give a welcome surprise and heat to the product!

Buy our delicious Autumn Ginger Fudge here!


Try out our Autumn flavour: Ginger. Bar of handmade Ginger Fudge surrounded by Stem Ginger and ginger


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