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Scottish Tablet Mini-Series Blog 1 - Equipment Required To Make Homemade Scottish Tablet

Scottish Tablet Mini-Series Blog 1 - Equipment Required To Make Homemade Scottish Tablet

Welcome to our Scottish Tablet mini-series. In each of these blogs, we'll provide our recommendations to solve mishaps that commonly happen when making homemade Scottish Tablet.  

To start things off we'll discuss the importance of having the correct cooking equipment to make your tasty Scottish treat. 

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Do you need specific cooking equipment to make Scottish Tablet? 

You know that saying - ‘a bad workman always blames their tools’ - well cooking equipment when making Scottish Tablet is extremely important. Most of the time when people make Scottish Tablet or follow a Scottish Tablet recipe they focus on the ingredients, however, the best Scottish Tablet requires more than just good ingredients, it requires good equipment. In this mini-blog, we will detail the importance of the equipment you use and what specific utensils are required when making your Homemade Tablet. 

Why are appliances so important when making Scottish Tablet? 

The main reason is safety. Think about it, if you’re boiling sugar to over 100 degrees celsius you could be at risk of ruining your equipment if your pot isn’t heavy or thick enough, or even worse you could be at risk of hurting yourself! Making the best Scottish Tablet isn’t just about popping all your ingredients in a pan and mixing them until they melt, it’s about patience and high temperatures which can become intense if you don’t have the right equipment. 

What equipment do you need to make Scottish Tablet? 

The good thing is, most of these utensils are already things you will have in your home. When you google ‘how to make Scottish Tablet’ the equipment is one of the main things that many recipes miss out and yet it is one of the most important factors to making the best Scottish Tablet. To effectively follow a Scottish Tablet Recipe you will need: 

  • 1x Hob/ Cooker top 
  • 1x Large Heavy Bottomed Pan - this one’s extremely important as you’ll be cooking your Homemade Tablet mixture for at least 45-50 minutes so you need to make sure that your pan can handle it! 
  • 1x Large long-handled Spoon - using a long-handled spoon will avoid the spoon slipping into your boiling Scottish Tablet mixture and keep your hands away from the fierce heat! After all, extremely hot sugar can damage your skin very quickly. 
  • 1x Sugar Thermometer - don’t guess when your tablet is hot enough, this is an important investment if you don’t have one of these already. For the best Scottish Tablet, you need to know when to take your mixture off to cool. You can use this thermometer for other recipes too, not just Homemade Tablet! 
  • 1x Deep edged baking tray lined with parchment paper. 

You must use the correct ingredients and the correct equipment when making Scottish Tablet. In this blog, we have highlighted the reasons for this and the equipment that we recommend you use. If you enjoyed this blog or have any other recommendations/ substitutions for the equipment, please comment below as we’d love to hear from you!

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