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Autumn Fudge Blog Series - Blog 7 - Rum 'n' Raisin Fudge

Autumn Fudge Blog Series - Blog 7 - Rum 'n' Raisin Fudge

Welcome to the final blog in our Autumn Fudge blog series! We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about our Favourite Autumn Fudge Flavours and some interesting facts about the ingredients within them. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some facts about the ingredients within our final Autumn Fudge Flavour - Rum ‘n’ Raisin Fudge. 

Handmade Fudge Surrounded by A clear glass of rum and raisins

Fun Facts about Raisins

Did you know raisins were discovered by accident? It has been said by historians that in 2000 BC raisins were discovered when some grapes were accidentally left to dry in the sun. It also takes more than 4 tonnes of grapes to provide 1 tonne of raisins. 

Fun Facts about Rum 

Did you know that Rum is the oldest spirit in the world? The first rum was distilled in the Caribbean in the 1620s and this makes rum the first alcohol to be manufactured and distilled! Rum is also the very first spirit that was not used for medicinal purposes and was instead drunk for pleasure! 
It has also been said that Rum can prevent hair loss and many people today still believe in this home remedy! In the 1800s, rum was used as a type of shampoo and many people believed that it made their hair thicker. 

Ochil Fudge Pantry's Rum 'n' Raisin Fudge

We’re not trying to encourage you to drink rum, however, during Autumn, our Rum ‘n’ Raisin Handmade Fudge is a fantastic treat that adds a lovely warm feeling to your evening! Our interpretation of this traditional flavour is rather unique. We utilise the full-bodied taste of rum and infuse it with the sweetness of natural juicy raisins. It really looks as good as it tastes!

Get this delicious Autumn Fudge Flavour here! 


Handmade Rum and Raisin Fudge with Pink Background surrounded by a glass of rum and raisins


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