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Ordering Fudge for Christmas?

Ordering Fudge for Christmas?

Fudge for Christmas

If ordering for Christmas, we recommend taking into account the shelf life of our fudge. As we use no artificial preservatives in our fudge, our fudges have different shelf-lives depending on what base the fudge is made from (this translates to what category or collection these fudges are in on our online store).

Our Butter Fudge and Chocolate Fudge has a shelf life of 10-11 weeks, and our Scottish Tablet has a shelf life of 9-10 weeks, therefore you can order for Christmas now! However, our Cream Fudge only has a shelf life of 4-5 weeks, so we recommend waiting until the start of December to order, so your fudge is still nice and fresh come the big day!

Please check the contents of all gift boxes to confirm the types of fudge included prior to ordering.


Christmas Dates

The last date for guaranteed Christmas delivery on all orders is Friday 17th December 2021.


Limited Christmas Fudges

Our limited edition Christmas Fudges and Fudge Gifts Boxes are now available to buy for Christmas. Please see the table below to check the availability of these festive delights. 


Available Until (while stocks last)

Christmas Pudding Fudge

26 Oct - 24 Dec

Gingerbread Fudge

2 Nov - 24 Dec

Merry Christmas Fudge Gift Box

2 Nov - 24 Dec

Happy Christmas Fudge Gift Box

2 Nov - 24 Dec

Chilli Chocolate Fudge

13 Nov - 31 Dec

Christmas Fudge Gift Box For Mum

22 Nov - 24 Dec

Christmas Fudge Gift Box For Dad

22 Nov - 24 Dec

Liquorice Fudge

6 Dec - 24 Dec

Cranberry & White Chocolate Fudge

6 Dec - 24 Dec